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London Office Plant and Flower Displays

We cover every aspect of landscaping you can think of and can improve your companies image both inside and out, supplying both interior landscaping and exterior grounds maintenance. Since we first started over 20 years ago our knowledge and expertise has grown in lots of different areas and although we started out focusing on interiors, we have for many years now, offered our customers a commercial exterior grounds maintenance service. We can maintain existing areas or create and develop new external landscaped areas. We can also supply exterior potted plant displays as well providing additional services including grass and hedge cutting, tree surgery, maintenance of shrubs, seasonal planting of flower beds, hanging baskets, weeding, litter picking etc. First impressions are important so keeping the exterior of your business looking attractive and well maintained is a top priority for many companies who want to project a favourable green image to customers and staff alike. Inside your premises we can design a unique scheme to compliment your corporate image and business space. Taking into account your interior colour scheme, corporate colours and business identity we can advise on the which plant displays will best compliment your business space. As well as expanding our range of services over the years, we have also expanded into different areas geographically, covering ever larger areas of the United Kingdom. We supply interior plants and artificial plants to  office plants London.

Interior landscaping

Can be supplied as both live or artificial plants, which we supply either on a rental with maintenance - rent a plant basis, or if you don't want to go the route of indoor plant rental we can supply your displays on an outright purchase basis. If you choose to have us look after your live plant displays, they are maintained by one of our highly experienced plant care technicians, who will nurture them keeping them looking green and healthy. The ongoing maintenance service includes watering, feeding, pruning and spraying the plant foliage as well as replacing any failed or overgrown plants free of charge as part of the ongoing plant maintenance. If you are buying the planters outright and you don't have green fingers, then we can maintain your displays for you on an ongoing back up maintenance basis. You will get the same regular maintenance visits but because you own the planters it will be at a reduced cost. Of course it may also be worth looking at the option of artificial plants. If you don't want to use live plants, but still like the idea of hiring them and spreading the cost, then we can supply artificial office plants on a rental basis with small monthly payments. The benefit of indoor plant hire is that there is no capital outlay up front, all you pay is a small monthly amount and of course as part of this scheme, we keep your displays always looking their best.

Health Benefits of plants

So why have indoor office plants? Plants not only look aesthetically pleasing and improve your companies image, they can actually reduce your overheads, a welcome benefit at any time and especially during an economic downturn or recession. There have been many scientific studies into the benefits of plants showing they bring about a reduction in absentism and an increase in productivity and employee well being. Using interior landscaping in the working environment reduces the level of health complaints from staff such as eye irritations, dry throat, fatigue, coughs and headaches. Time and time again it has been proven that having plant displays in the office can improve workers health and reduce the number of days they have off sick. Thereby reducing a companies overheads and making it more competitive. Some of the many benefits of interior plants are cleaning the air by filtration of chemical pollutants from the air, absorption of carbon dioxide and release of oxygen. Both of which are especially welcome in sealed office buildings that use re circulating air conditioning systems. Other benefits are improving staff psychological well being and reducing stress. Workers in an environment with green office plant displays also had lower blood pressure and less mental fatigue, improved concentration and reaction times. Interior landscaping can save your company money which is always a welcome extra benefit at any time, be it during a credit crunch or in an economic boom time. Would like to receive our free Health Benefits pack, please contact us.

Artificial plants

Can be supplied on rental maintenance or outright purchase, whichever scheme you choose they will still need to be maintained to keep them looking their best. This consists of regular dusting and cleaning using a spray on leaf cleaning fluid, as well as redressing the foliage so that it keeps it's natural looking shape. Artificial plants today look very realistic and have come on leaps and bounds from the obviously fake plastic plants of the 1970's. However if not looked after, they will soon become very dusty and dishevelled, giving them away as not being the real thing. What makes them look so realistic nowadays is that many of them have have real wooden stems and silk foliage, the only part of the artificial plants that is plastic is the leaf stems, which using modern manufacturing techniques and sympathetic colouring, also look very realistic. Some of the comments from our customers just go to show how natural these interior plants look, comments like “will they need watering?” / “will I have to prune them when they start growing?” and “how long will the flowers last before they die off?” Sometimes the only time people can tell is by actually touching the leaves and even then this is often accompanied with a quizzical look followed by a question “are they real?” Which is why many of our clients choose this type of interior landscaping. It's also versatile and can be built to an exact specification to fit any area.

Office Plants London

We can supply interior landscaping to most parts of Britain. Plants for hire are the most popular option for many of our customers, however some customers prefer to have their interior plants on a outright purchase basis. Whichever your preference you can rely on Buds Office Landscapes to deliver, we're big enough to tackle large projects. Whilst at the same time we're small enough to supply a few planters to a local School or small business. Because of our manageable size we are able to continue giving that friendly, one to one personal service that we have been committed to since day one. We have a very low turnover of staff which means that many of our customers get to deal with the same people over a long period of time. Some of our customers have been dealing with the same Contract Manager and Plant Care Technician for over 20 years. All of our products can be supplied on an outright purchase basis, if you would like to purchase empty plant containers and plant them out yourself, please contact us with your requirements and we can supply costing's. We can also offer a short term plant hire service, artificial office plants make make a big difference to exhibition stands and conferences etc and can be hired for specific functions and events. Please contact us with your requirements.

Choosing plants for the office

Free no obligation consultation and design service. It is important to choose the right live or artificial plants and containers for your business space. To this end we would be happy to visit you and survey your premises and design a unique interior landscaping scheme, to compliment your corporate image and business space. Using a light meter, where necessary, we will monitor the natural light levels and temperatures so we can advise which varieties of living tropical plants will be suitable. Also taking into account your interior colour scheme, corporate colours and business identity we can advise on different types and colours of containers that will best compliment the plants and your business space. For a free consultation & no obligation quotation for office plants hire please contact us. Once your displays are installed we will assign one of our uniformed Plant Care Technicians to regularly visit your site to nurture your interior landscaping, replacing plants, free of charge, if they fail or become overgrown. We are dedicated to giving the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction, always giving priority to personal service. With our wealth of experience built up over many years, you can be sure you will get the best Landscaping package for your business, to improve your companies image. If you have any questions or queries about our products and services, or if there is anything else that we can do to help please let us know. Nothing is too much trouble.