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What plants from Buds Office Plants London can do for you...

Fresh outdoor air is important for our general well being health, but when we can't get outside, tropical plants can help clean the indoor air of harmful toxins, improving our health and boosting our energy levels.

Interior landscaping has never been more popular, as businesses discover the importance of the right plants in the right places.

Latest research proves:

Q: can I buy outright?

A: yes

Q: what's the minimum order?

A: We can sell or rent as few as one.

Q: How fast can I have delivery?

A: depends, if the item is in stock, a few

days. If its a bespoke item up to 4 weeks.

Q: what's the minimum contract period?

A: 1 year

Q: can I rent for shorter periods?

A: yes, we can deliver and collect the same day

Q: are there discounts for longer contract periods?

A: yes